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The Artform Of Bespoke Shower Screens

The bathroom, in many ways, is the centrepiece of the home. It’s typically where the day commences and finishes, and plays host to various personal hygiene routines.

The Artform Of Bespoke Shower Screens

The shower itself is the cornerstone of the bathroom. Consistently hammered by running water, the working parts of a shower must be strong and uncompromising. While price may factor into decisions around the home, namely the bathroom, quality materials and craftsmanship should always be the ultimate factor in selecting the correct product.

Danmac is a humble, Australian grown company that specialises in bespoke shower screens for its clientele. A family company that has evolved into a national enterprise under Alspec, Danmac is a leader in crafting bathroom products of the utmost quality.

Shower screens come in two types – bespoke and off the shelf. While off the shelf are more accessible and are arguably more cost effective, they are a distant second in the quality stakes to a bespoke screen. Danmac produces handcrafted shower screens daily, with every member of staff an expert in manufacturing a shower screen.

General Manager Leigh Todd says that the company is ever-evolving, but what will always remain is the experience and excellence of the Danmac team, irrespective of which member of staff is dealing with a client on a particular day, due to the fact that they’ve all been a member of the team for approximately ten years.

“Everyone in the team is hands on, are multi-skilled, and can have an input on a job. They can also all coordinate a job or be client facing. When you deal with someone at Danmac, you’re dealing with experience, and you get the technical touch.”

Leigh’s dedication to the product is evident in his tone of voice. Passionate and loyal to his clientele, the company is always looking to build their products around the feedback of the customer.

“The product always comes first, and we are always improving the product and the process around that product. We brought out the Affinity 12 (bespoke shower screen) because of customer demand. Made of brass with two extrusions, fully framed, far less bulkier from your standard screen. Our clientele wanted that and we delivered.

“We don’t do anything without feedback from our customers.”

Danmac will always be a major supporter of local Australian suppliers, and have a select group of trusted businesses that have worked with the company from day dot that will be consistently relied upon.

Leigh says that there are two key factors in sourcing materials. Danmac are only interested in the highest calibre of materials, a reflection of the final product when it leaves the factory for the chosen home.

“When it comes to materials, we look for two things: design and quality. Everything we use is of the highest quality and the nicest design. Importantly, we look to all finer details and not just what you see on the surface. We consider the materiality of everything down to the pins inside the pivots.”

Always looking to evolve, the company rarely, if ever, sits on its hands. Constantly tossing up ideas and ways to reinvent the wheel, the team at Danmac will only continue to improve what is already a flagship of Australian craftsmanship.

“We’re always trying to stay ahead. Danmac are leaders, we can’t afford to stay the same. We have to be one step ahead.”