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Wintec Sliding Windows through Danmac are available in a 48mm frame sizes. This comes with the configuration options of Finned, Finless & Face fix.


Hollow sections to the frames give you added strength and security, whilst the heavy duty double rollers come on all products. These rollers last much longer and operate more smoothly than the conventional rolling windows. The windows come with rounded stiles. These add even further to the strength of the window frame and stop it from getting caught on any window furnishings. The window sash sits inside the frame, allowing it to resist unneeded excessive rolling that can happen in the both top and also bottom sash rail when confronted with high winds.


All of Wintec's sliding window range come with a water resistance rate of a minnimum of 250Pa. However, if you choose to vary the sill type, you may achieve a water  resistance rate of up to 600Pa


Wind load categories are all catered for Australia wide, giving you peace of mind and a feeling of stability.


The windows are easy to clean because of the sill design, and cleaning is always safer with the rounded edges option.


Wintec leaves no exposed or unfinished edges of any kind. It also makes sure there is no internal projection of transom sections. The sash rails are kept concealed within both the sill and the frame. Only genuine Wintec handls are used, which have been designed with ease of use in mind, especially convenient for the elderly or those suffering from a disability. These handles operate in the same direction in which the sash moves and come in four different colours.


Other available options include multi position vent locking, insect and security screens, and either a standard key locking, or barrel key locking feature to choose from.



The Wintec Double Glazed Sliding Window comes with a frame size of 65mm.


It includes hollow sections in the frame, providing the user with strength and security, and the heavy duty double rollers that come standard with all Wintec Sliding Windows means that it will last longer and give you a smoother open and close than regular rolling windows. So as to make sure that they do not get attached to window furnishings, and offer a safer clean, Wintec Souble Glazed Sliding Windows come with rounded stiles.


 The Double Glazed Sliding window comes with a standard water penetration resistance rate of 330Pa, making it very reliable in harsh weather conditions.


Wintec leaves no unfinished edges or exposed edges, with no internal projection in the transom sections of the window. Genuine Wintec handles are used, nd designed for ease of use, whilst they move on the same direction of the sash. They are available in a wide range of colours.


Insect and security screens can be added along with the ability to have vent locking in multiple positions, and a standard or barrel key lock.