Customer Support


Q: What products does danmac’s offer?

A: Danmac offers: frameless, semi-frameless, fully framed shower screens and bath screens; shower screen hardware; built-in wardrobe systems; mirror frames; aluminium window and doors; aluminium framed acrylic and glass retail barriers; specialist glass coatings.


Q: Do danmac products come with a warranty?

A: For shower screen hinges we provide a 20 year warranty on our Premium Range, 10 year warranty on our Trade Range Hinges and 10 year warranty on glass to glass hinges. For all other products see individual product pages for further details.


Q: How much is it / can I get a quote?

A: As most products are made to measure, the best way to get a reliable quote is to contact us using our Request a Quote contact form or contact one of our Licensed Dealers on the Dealer Locator page. They will arrange a suitable time to meet with you, give you a quote to install the product, and will answer any further questions you may have.


Q: Where can I get a look at the products?

A: You can view our products at one of our Licensed Dealers as listed on the Dealer Locator page.


Q: How can I be sure the product I'm buying is danmac?

A: Only Licensed Dealers have access to the danmac range of products. On installation, the Dealer will identify the product as danmac with a discretely placed danmac sticker which also shows their contact details should you need them. All currently Licensed Dealers are found on our Dealer Locator page.


Q: Do the products require any maintenance?

A: Some danmac products may require minor maintenance. For example, we recommend shower screens and fittings be regularly cleaned with natural cleaning products or mild detergents to prevent the build up dirt and grime. See further information under our Care and Maintenance section.


Q: How long has danmac been in operation?

A: Danmac commenced operations about 20 years ago as a family-owned shower screen manufacturing business. Over the years our offering has expanded to include an extensive range of aluminium framed products. The danmac brand is now owned, supported and backed by Alspec, an Australian owned major distributor of aluminium building systems since 1974.


Q: Can I customise danmac products?

A: Many danmac products can be customised to suit your specific needs. Simply contact a Licensed Dealer with your request or fill out a contact form and one of our representatives will get in touch.


Q: How do I contact Head Office?

A: If you require Head Office support please contact us at: