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Product Range

Semi Frameless

Combining a perimeter frame with frameless glass-to-glass edges and doors, a danmac Semi-Frameless Shower System is a robust and affordable bathroom solution. Utilising 6mm toughened glass, semi-frameless systems come in a range of configurations which can be customised to suit your space.

Ultimate Pivot Clamp

Made for durability, the Ultimate Pivot Clamp System is manufactured from forged brass and utilises stainless steel screws and chrome plating. The innovative glass clamp system is designed to suit 6mm glass and does not require any glass cut outs. Available with or without a sill, this door style meets accessible shower design requirements in the sill-less option.

Eclipse Slimline

With a narrow profile, the Eclipse Slimline Semi-Frameless Shower Screen System delivers a modern look to enhance any bathroom. Utilising the Ultimate Clamp System and magnetic door stops, the Eclipse door conveniently swings in both directions. Suitable for 6mm toughened glass, the system comes in four colours and an extensive range of handle options.

Affinity 18

With doors up to 1000mm wide and a sill-less option, the Affinity 18 Door is ideal for wheelchair accessibility requirements. The slimline door uses a full opening pivot system inserted into the back of the door to ensure a full opening is available.

Dualis Frame to Glass Hinge

Allowing screen doors to open 90 degrees in both directions, danmac’s Dualis Frame to Glass Hinge is an innovative product which maximises shower screen options. Designed for 6mm semi-frameless systems, the hinge gives flexibility in configuration and design.

Dualis Glass to Glass Hinge

Danmac’s Dualis Glass to Glass Hinge is designed for flexibility, with a dual action allowing it to open 90 degrees in each direction. Manufactured in New Zealand from brass and 316 stainless steel, this premium hinge allows for multiple configurations to suit your requirements.

Affinity 18

Bright Silver
Pearl White
Bright Gold
White Birch

V13 Ultimate Silless

Matt Natural
Bright Silver
Pearl White
Brushed Satin Nickel

V14 Eclipse Slimline

Matt Natural
Bright Silver
Pearl White
Brushed Satin Nickel


This warranty is given by:

  • Danmac Products (ABN 63 001 252 259)
  • 99 Frankston Gardens Drive
  • Carrum Downs Vic 3201
  • Phone: 03 9775 1223
  • Email:
15 Year Standard Warranty


Danmac’s 10 year standard warranty has been tailored specifically for the Danmac product to give you confidence in your purchase.

Danmac will cover the aluminium framing and/or components used in the product to be free of any defects from the date of delivery to cover any defects in manufacturing & workmanship when the product has been fabricated and installed in accordance with the Danmac Fabricator Manual. The Danmac Dealer will then facilitate covering the installation & service components of this service.

This 10 year warranty is effective for all installations that have taken place from the 1st of July 2014. As with any valued purchase, effective maintenance is an essential part to prolonging the life of the product and is essential to maintain the rights as stated within this warranty. The care & maintenance instructions of this warranty must be followed to ensure the product will be eligible for any warranty claims.

What Products Are Covered Under This Warranty?

This warranty applies to all Danmac Shower Screen products.

Who Is Covered Under This Warranty?

This 10 year standard warranty for Danmac is non-transferrable and will only cover the original purchaser of the product. The original purchaser must provide a proof of purchase and installation to the Danmac Dealer and/or Danmac to facilitate any claims.

Warranty Coverage

All Danmac shower screens are covered by a 10 year replacement warranty when used in a residential application. When a new Danmac shower screen has been received and there are manufacturer defects in either the workmanship or material, the Danmac Dealer that facilitated the installation is to be contacted in the first instance (however in the event they are unavailable, please contact Danmac) to initiate the warranty claim process within 10 years of the date of delivery.

The aluminium framing warranty provided for Danmac shower screens covers the structural integrity of the product over the course of the products warranty period. The powdercoat used to treat the aluminium framing is covered under a warranty period that has been provided by the manufacturer (Dulux & Akzo Nobel) for that selected finish. This warranty is separate to the Danmac 10 year product warranty.

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. The consumer is entitled to a replacement or refund of a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have these goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of an acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

Notwithstanding the preceding statement, Danmac’s liability for a breach of a consumer guarantee, condition or warranty implied or created by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) (the “Act”), for any Products not of a kind ordinarily acquired for personal, domestic or household use is limited, to the extent permissible by law and at Danmac’s option in relation to the Products supplied, to:

  1. The replacement of the Products or the supply or equivalent products;
  2. The repair of the Products;
  3. The payment of the cost of replacing the Products or of acquiring equivalent products; or
  4. The payment of the costs of having the Products repaired; and

To the extent permitted by law, all other warranties whether implied or otherwise that are not set out in the Warranty are excluded and Danmac shall be under no liability in contract, tort (including without limitation, negligence or breach of statutory duty) or otherwise to compensate the Purchaser for:

  1. Increased costs or expenses;
  2. Any loss of profit, revenue, business, contracts or anticipated savings;
  3. Any loss or expense resulting from a claim by a third party; or
  4. Any special, indirect or consequential losses or damage of any nature whatsoever caused by Danmac’s failure to complete its obligations in accordance with this warranty.


Danmac shower screens are intended for use in residential applications for a 10 year period. Damages that are not covered are as follows:

  • Events that are outside of control such as fire, acts of God, floods, motor vehicle accident, natural disaster, etc.
  • Intentional product damage
  • Forced entry and abuse
  • Product disassembly
  • Product alteration in any way that have not been performed by a Danmac Dealer
  • Failure to upkeep product maintenance as per the Danmac Care & Maintenance Guide
  • Improper use of the product.

Making A Claim

To make a warranty claim, the Purchaser must make initial contact with the Danmac Dealer. In the event that the original Danmac Dealer cannot be contacted, the Purchaser must then contact Danmac for further assistance on 1300 139 706 during business hours, via email to, or in writing at:

99 Frankston Gardens Drive
Carrum Downs Victoria 3201

This is to be done within a 30-day period of identifying the fault, detailing a description of the fault with details of how and when this has occurred, provide photos if possible as well as a copy of the proof of purchase & installation provided by the Danmac Dealer. The Danmac Dealer or Danmac will assess whether the lodged claim is covered by the 10 year product warranty, then proceed with the claim process if this is the case.

With more than 20 years’ experience manufacturing bathroom components, danmac understands the need for products to be dependable and reliable.

Bathroom environments are continuously exposed to water, steam, humidity and high use, which challenges the durability of fittings and fixtures.

Danmac ensures the longevity and performance of our products by using only the highest quality components, finishes and trusted suppliers.

To help keep your danmac products in the best possible condition, the following care and maintenance guidance is provided:

Danmac Care & Maintenance

Shower screens, bathroom fittings, framed mirrors & hardware

Ventilation Minimise moisture and prevent mould forming by ensuring well-ventilated spaces with fresh air where possible and/or the use of mechanical air extraction systems.
Daily basic care A simple, regular cleaning process will prevent the accumulation of soap residue, water minerals and mould. Rinse shower screens after use with fresh water and wipe dry with a squeegee or soft cloth.
Weekly care Use only natural cleaning products or mild detergents and a soft cloth to wipe surfaces, then rinse with fresh water and wipe dry.
Avoid abrasive cleaning brushes and products The use of harsh brushes or chemicals is not recommended as they may damage bathroom surfaces and finishes. Only use soft cloths and mild detergents on your glazing, aluminium framing and hardware.
Removing mineral deposits Tank, bore water and “hard” water with high levels of calcium and magnesium may lead to a build-up of mineral deposits over time. Consider the use of a shielding product such as EnduroShield or Nanokote for your bathroom if it will be exposed to these types of water. If a build-up of minerals does occur, white vinegar is an effective natural cleaning solution.
Glazing scratches or chips Consult your glazing professional if glass becomes scratched or chipped as these may lead to further breakages. It may be possible for scratches to be polished out, or panel replacement may be recommended.
Hinges and hardware operation Given danmac’s design for longevity, lubrication or maintenance of hardware should not be required. In the unlikely event of hardware becoming lose or ceasing to function correctly, please consult your Licensed Dealer for assistance.

Aluminium framed acrylic and glass retail barriers

Glass and acrylic retail barriers can be cleaned in the same way as shower screens, preferably with mild or natural cleaners and avoiding abrasive products and scrubbing. If a sanitising product is required, select only those approved for use on glazed and aluminium surfaces. Always follow the instructions provided with the sanitising product.

Specialist glass coatings

See each individual product brochures for care and maintenance guidelines provided by product manufacturers.